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Plumbing Supply - Getting the Basics

Professional plumbers and do it yourselfers who like to work on their own plumbing all know that you have to find the right plumbing supply house to provide them with the pieces and tools they need to do the job right. If you opt for the cheapest supplies you can find, the chances of being highly disappointed with what you get are very good. Both professionals and those who do their own work know that you tend to get what you pay for and prefer to spend a little more for quality parts and know that the parts they purchase are not going to break in the near future.

Setting Up Your Toolbox

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If you have decided that you are going to do your own work then you are going to need to either go to your local plumbing supply house or shop online for the basic tools you are going to need. There are several different specialty tools every good plumber carries in his tool box. You should start by equipping your toolbox with a series of wrenches in both standard and metric sizes, while these may not fit everything that you will need to work on, they are a necessity in every tool box.

You should also add several sizes of adjustable wrench to your tool kit along with a basin wrench for tightening and removing water lines from the faucets where you cannot get any other type of wrench. While the standard open end wrench can be used for many tasks, you are going to find that the adjustable wrench will become one of your favourite tools. Along with the set of wrenches you should add various sizes of pliers including slip joint and locking pliers to work with those stubborn fittings that are rounded off to the point where your wrenches will not work.

In your toolbox you will need a variety of pipe cutters for metal pipes and PVC pipes as well as a hacksaw that can be used on both. A hammer or two can come in handy as can a tape measure and for those who are working with copper pipe a small set of acetylene torches to braze the fittings and pipes together so that the joint are leak free.

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Thinking outside the Box

Once you have gone to your local plumbing supply house or shopped online to set up your toolbox you should consider keeping a selection of emergency repair parts on hand to meet those problems that always seem to occur late at night or on the weekends when the plumbing supply shops are closed and you cannot wait until they open. Murphy's Law states that nothing ever goes wrong at a convenient time and if you have the right spare parts on hand you can keep your family very happy.

For the most part you will need to keep simple repair fittings on hand in sizes to cover the most common pipe sizes in your house. These fitting should include straight fittings as well as elbow. If you are working with copper pipes you can use either compression fittings or sweat fittings if you are comfortable with you skills in sweat soldering fittings in place. With PVC pipes all you need are the compression style fittings that are made for PVC pipes or the type you use special glues to glue them together.

Other simple supplies include the flux and solder you would need to sweat the pipes and fittings together if you choose to perform this type of repair. Teflon tape or paste is used to help seal those fittings that are screwed together and of course a supply of nuts, bolts and washers to hold everything together along with a roll of metal plumbers tape to support the pipes you have just repaired.

Even if you are a novice do it yourselfer there is no reason that you cannot do your own basic plumbing repairs as long as you have the tools and parts on hand. If you are not sure what you need, you can always talk the staff at your local plumbing supply house; in most cases they will be more than happy to set you up with the basics that will help you save money by doing your own repairs.

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Water Heater Not Hot Enough

Picture of Gas Fired Boiler by Weil McLain.

The Problem:

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Image of Comercial Boiler. 

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Image of Pex Items.

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Image of Kenmore Dishwasher.

The answer to this question is yes, many people think that the dishwasher element heats up the water and it does to some degree but also using a hot water feed to the dishwasher will save the actual element from being replaced sooner then expected.
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Kohler Hawthorne Sink Gallery

Picture of kohler hawthorne sink.


  • Kohler Hawthorne Tile-In Apron-Front Kitchen Sink
  • Kohler Hawthorne Collection
  • 33″ x 22-1/8″ x 8″ tile-in double (equal) compartment sink with integral apron and 4-hole faucet drilling
  • Recommended Accessories: K-9000 (”P” Trap)
  • Available Accessories: K-5984 (Cutting Board), K-2989, K-5917 or K-6636 (Countertop Cutting Board) and K-8801, K-8803 w/K-8804 or K-8817 (Sink Strainer)
  • Cast Iron
  • 141.0 lbs

Image of Hayward H Series Heater. 

The Hayward H Series Pool Heater has the latest in technology. There are some great features on the H Series heaters. The H Series has a digital control panel with LED lights. The Heater is rust proof and these heaters are easy to install.
With the Cupro Nickel Heat Exchanger , the H Series Heaters [...]



Image of Hayward Heatpro Heater. 

The HeatPro Heat Exchanger from Hayward will give your pool the warmth you are looking for. The heat exchanger is made from a non corrosive material that allows a longer lasting heater life. The HeatPro heat exchanger has the ArmorCoil which protects the metal from any water damage from the water’s chemicals.



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Picture of drunkirk boiler.Model PWB Gas Fired Boiler comes from the Plymouth Water II Series Boiler. While this boiler has an Energy Star Rating it is considered to be a Mid Efficiency Level boiler. The boiler has an Energy Star Rating of 81.6 percent.



How To Rent a Mobile Boiler

Picture of boiler rental.These days you can rent just about anything, TV’s, Kitchen Tables, Couches and even Boilers. Sounds strange but it is true. Most people would not really know where to start when looking to rent a boiler. The first thing that you have to do is look in the Yellow Pages or on the Internet. Locate several different companies and then make a list