Should I Get My Water Heater Installation At Lowes?

Water Heater Installation At Lowes

If you're in the market to replace your water heater or currently, your water heater just failed and you need to replace it immediately there's a bunch of options you can choose to purchase your water heater. You can go online and have one delivered from an online retailer, or you can buy one locally at Home Depot, Lowe's, or even a local plumbing supply like Ferguson.

Of course, it's always best to shop around, for the best value on the specific product, also, it's very important to make sure the store has a great warranty policy for the installation of the water heater, and the warranty period, meeting if your water heater breaks in six months from now, are they going to come back and warrantee it for free or will you be charged for a service call?

Lowes carries many different water heaters, they sell electric water heaters, tankless water heaters also gas water heaters. Lowes does sell a really good brand called A.O. Smith. They make a really good brand of water heater so that's why they're pretty popular and people sometimes buy them from Lowe's because they're local and it's a good brand. A.O. Smith has been around a long time, and is definitely respected by the entire plumbing community and plumbing supply houses all over the world.

Replace Or Repair The Water Heater?

If you're not sure if your water heater needs to be replaced or just repaired, Lowes also offers a troubleshooting service that can help you determine if you need to replace your water heater or if you actually just need to repair it, if you've had previously purchased your water heater from Lowe's home improvement, then they probably have the parts in stock and will be able to send somebody over to take care of it and repair it for you

Another nice thing about buying your water heaters from Lowe's is that they're local. You can go right down to the store you can physically see the product, and then you can buy the product right there and have it delivered and installed by a local, licensed professional plumbing company that can even be referred to you by Lowes.

Does Lowes Offer financing for water heaters?

If you do decide to buy your water heater at Lowe's, or you're still thinking about it, Lowes does offer 120 month financing which is pretty nice because you can pay your new water heater off overtime which will definitely help especially if you just moved into a new house or you are trying to be budget friendly.

Of course you could use your own interest free credit card if you like, you don't have to choose the lowest financing, but if you want to do everything all in one place, they are able to finance the water heater for you, install the water heater for you. It's a one stop shop if you want to say that.

Whats the deal with the warranty?

All of the labor that is done by the professional Lowe's water heater installation team is covered under warranty.  The water heater also has a product warranty so you can have peace of mind knowing if you choose Lowe's to install your water heater, especially if you purchased it from them you'll be totally covered on both the product and the labor.

Lowes Tankless Water Installation & Upgrade

Tankless water heaters are becoming pretty popular, especially with new construction and they are also becoming a popular upgrade when replacing your old style tank water heater.

Lowes sells a variety of high-efficiency tankless water heaters, that can be professionally installed by their plumbers. Tankless water heaters are way more efficient than traditional tank, water heaters, they take up less space, and will save you a lot of money and fuel costs over a one year period.

Tankless water heaters are a little bit more expensive, but over the long run, there will be savings compared to a tank water heater, which won't last as long. So if you're thinking about buying a tankless water heater, do the math over a ten-year period and you'll see that the savings are going to be a lot better than dealing with an old style tank, water heater that's going to break down, need maintenance and eventually need to be replaced more often than a tankless water heater.

Parts & Service Available By Lowes Plumbers

If you're looking for parts, that's no problem either because Lowes sells replacement parts for all the products they install so if your water heater does fail or you need a service call down the road you don't have to worry because you'll be able to get the parts at Lowe's and to get the water heater going pretty quickly compared to buying some off brand water heater from some online company and then it might take days to get the parts versus hours because you chose to buy it from a local Lowe's in your area.