Why Can't I Find My Water Heater In The House?

Why Can't I Find My Water Heater In The House?
Photo by Joe Pregadio / Unsplash

If you just bought a home, live in an apartment or you're a home inspector looking for the water heater inside of the house and you're not able to find it, n0 problem we will help you locate the water heater.

The first thing you need to determine, is, if there actually is a water heater in your house, sometimes the hot water is provided by a boiler room for example, if you live in an apartment complex, sometimes they will have a main boiler room and they will provide the hot water from that boiler room to your unit.

More modern apartment complexes have an individual electric water heater usually inside of a closet, it's usually located in the hall closet so that way if it does need maintenance, it can be accessed easily. Most residential homes have a boiler room or something called a utility closet, where the boiler, the water heater, and also sometimes the water main is located, so you would want to check in the boiler room first for your water heater.

Hot Water Heater Vs Boiler Coil

A water heater, also referred to as a hot water heater by some people is an individual unit that stands alone thats either produces heat by electric, natural gas, or propane to heat the water.

A boiler is also a standalone unit that normally produces heat for the radiators in your house but boilers also have something called a hot water coil, built into them in certain units. That way you're going to heat the water in your home for your faucets, six, and showers with the same boiler that heats the radiators in your home.

Was Your Water Heater Professionally Installed ?

If your water heater was professionally installed, then it's a good idea to ask the professional that installed your water heater where they installed it, sometimes in certain situations if you're buying a new home and you hire a plumber and have never been to the property you may not know where the water heater is located, but the plumber has found it and installed a new one for you.

If you had your water heater installed by Lowes, you can give their customer service number a call and ask them where the plumber install the water heater in your home.

Places To Look For Your Water Heater

Some of the common places you can find your water heater will be in the basement, the attic, the boiler room, the garage, and also sometimes it will be located in a closet inside of a bedroom in small homes.

If you have located your boiler, but you don't see a water heater, that could mean that you have something called a coil inside of your boiler that heats up the water. The coil inside of the boiler is heated by the main boiler furnace and water is pushed through the coil by pumps and it provides hot water to your home.

What this means is not every home will actually have a water heater. Sometimes the water is push through the boiler coil and then provided to the home which means no water heater is necessary because the boiler is doing all the work.